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Muscle Rollers

Muscle Rollers

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Are your muscles tight and sore? Have you just completed a long workout, or been sitting all day at a desk? No matter what the activity, The Adjustable Gear Muscle Massage Roller is exactly what you need to loosen and relax those tired and sore muscles.

They're perfect for using before a workout to prevent injuries, and after a workout for fast recovery.

They're also great to leave in your office, to loosen those sore and tired muscles, incrementally, throughout the day.

The muscle roller is an innovative device used by runners and other athletes to segmentally compress and stretch their muscles. They reduce soreness and improve tissue recovery. They also increase flexibility and blood circulation.

Muscle roller sticks are recommended by physical and massage therapists, personnel trainers, and used by thousands to enhance their workouts and recovery.

They are perfect for calves, hamstrings, back, quads, neck and shoulders.

With regular use you could improve your strength, circulation, and reduce the risk of injury.

Once you begin using The Adjustable Gear Muscle Massage Roller you may wonder how you ever lived without it.


  • Available in 5 colors.


  • Material: ABS + PVC
  • Length: 44 x 4 x 4 cm

This product ships to all 50 States in The United States.

It ships directly from our overseas supplier, and can take up to 30 days for delivery. Shipping is FREE.

 When using a piece of exercise equipment, we ask that you please consult your healthcare provider for full medical clearance before starting any new or unfamiliar exercise routine. While we are always happy to work with our customers in regards to our returns and exchanges policies, Amross can not be held liable for any injuries that may occur from the improper use of the purchased product, or for any medical conditions that existed before, or occur after the purchased product's use.


All Amross products come with a 60-day money back guarantee. Please see our returns and exchanges policy for more details.

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