Why Amross

Amross is a small, family-owned business located in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

At Amross, we have shared, core values, which are centered around trust, honesty, integrity, and the Golden Rule. We treat each customer the way that we, ourselves, would want to be treated as customers. When doing business with us, each customer is treated with dignity, respect, and gratitude.

Our customer's satisfaction is always paramount to us. From the moment you first place your order to the moment you receive your items, we pay great attention to detail, making sure that your order is processed correctly, shipped quickly, and that you receive your order in a timely manner. We are very responsive to our customers concerns, and always strive to address their concerns in a timely and reasonable manner.

We understand that customers don't always purchase from companies simply because they have the best prices. While we try always to provide the best prices possible to our customers, we realize that customers also shop based on certain values that they share with the brands they shop with. We believe that certain core values such as trust, honesty, and integrity are essential and enduring, and should be at the heart of every transaction between a business and their customers.

We know that our customers work very hard to make a living, and we appreciate each and every purchase that is made with us. Simply put, without you, our customers, there is no Amross.