"I purchased a 10L and a 20L a couple months ago and have used them every time I go out in my kayak or on the boat. The bags are hands down the best I’ve ever used. The material is very durable unlike a standard drawstring backpack or dry bag. I also love that the bag floats when rolled and clasped together so if you tip your kayak or happen to lose the bag it can easily be recovered. Great company, great products. Would definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys being outdoors or on the water." - Chris Hull

"I bought a bag from Amross a couple years ago now. It’s been across the country at least twice now, on countless camping and kayaking trips, and stores all my hammock gear in between trips. I’ve never had anything I’ve stored in it get wet or dirty, and it still looks and functions as good as the day I bought it! It’s hard to find good quality equipment for reasonable prices, Amross is a treasure!" - Sarah Schaffer